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Top 10 Strongest Dragon Ball Super Villains

These are currently the top 10 strongest villains from Dragon Ball Super!

Which one is your favorite?


Angel Moro
Moro 7.3
Ultra Instinct Moro
Golden Frieza
Mutated Merged Zamasu
Fused Zamasu
Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black
Copy Vegeta
Future Zamasu
Infinite Zamasu
Astral Zamasu


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  1. Who is your favorite DBS villains?

  2. Saganbo fights ssb, Frost fights ssj1.

  3. My favorite is moro

  4. Dragon ball doesn’t have any decent villains

  5. amazing

  6. Golden Frieza(current)>Scythe Goku Black>>Golden Frieza(RoF)

  7. Actually sagambo with moros power boost was stronger than every one here except fused zamasu and Moro…… And 73 is definitely stronger than zamasu and frost…..
    So heres the correct rankings..
    1- moro
    2- fused zamasu
    3- sagambo
    4- golden frieza
    5- Goku black
    6- copy vegeta
    7- 73
    8 – zamasu
    9- frost
    10 – tagoma

  8. Goku black was stronger than frieza

  9. I hope frieza get’s a hell of a power boost

  10. Once chapter 52 of boruto comes out will you do a power level of naruto updated with his recent form?

  11. and Broly?

  12. Willian Steinmetz

    Moro>>>>Freeza>Zamsu Gattai>Saganbo>Black Goku>73>Zamasu>Frost>Tagoma

  13. ShadowDeistGaming

    Tagoma and frieza are Z villains not super villains

  14. I thot infinite zamasu was at the top

  15. Saganbo is wayyyy too low. He should be stronger than super Saiyan Kefla based on how he did against a post top Gohan. He’s definitely top 3

  16. king of the saiyans god

    Frost > zeno

    Its just a joke

  17. Do you think that Current MUI Goku surpassed Merus or no ?

  18. Good job, but where is jiren ???

  19. Next DC villains?

  20. Goku Black stronger den freiza

  21. I hope you are doing well

  22. Nice

  23. Good Job.

  24. My favorite is Goku Black!

  25. I smashed the like button Lord Aizen. ?

  26. Anime warrior scale

    Great video:)

  27. Goku black>frieza golden?

  28. Kaiju king Legend

    Nice ?

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