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Top 10 Nathan MacKinnon Plays from 2019-20 | NHL

Counting down the top ten highlight-reel plays in 2019-20 from Colorado Avalanche star forward Nathan MacKinnon

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  1. One of my favorites

  2. Is it January yet?

  3. Such a underrated player. My favorite to watch. Personal belief hes better player then McDavid

  4. Dude goes from zero to unstoppable instantly. Amazing.

  5. Reminds me of Peter Forsberg. Can do it all. If you had to take 1 player to fill a whole line, I’d take 5 Mackinnons now just like I would have taken 5 Forsberg’s in the 00s.

  6. #7 needs to be way higher

  7. Mackinnon like a man possessed just describes his play style perfectly

  8. Humanoid _Typhoon

    Give that man the Hart already.

  9. Number 8 is the nastiest one-timer I've ever seen.

  10. Best two way player come at me

  11. Hocknight Content.

    Roses are red violets are blue I'm gonna play for the leafs how about you?

  12. Камиль Гатиятуллин

    #4 way too high

  13. one of the strongest skaters

  14. Look at that first highlight, there is NO way anyone should be able to do that. There was absolutely no room there yet Nathan mackinnon makes a play on it. Absolute beast.

  15. стихи и песни огонь здесь рулит Санёк_Питбуль

    Посмотрите пожалуйста мой стишок про все клубы нхл и их прозвища, фанаты нхл должны это знать!!!

  16. Jordan Perepolkin

    Mackinnon is the best player in the NHL Right now and it’s not even close!

  17. My favorite MacKinnon play was the one Kucherov stole the puck from him, and completely smoked him, and scored in OT. ⚡⚡⚡

  18. Every year he adds a new tool to his offensive game. Unreal to watch.

  19. Keene Addington IV

    I love mackinnon and I think he’s one of the best players if not the best in the nhl. But the 9th one wasn’t too impressive

  20. He did so good against the stars. Most of his highlights are from that game. It’s a team sport though and he couldn’t do it himself in game 7.

  21. How does MLS have 1080p and the NHL doesn't???

  22. As a former tendy who played in college and now as a goalie coach, it's hard not to appreciate how good Mack truly is… that clapper past Elvis at #8 no goalie has any chance at stopping that with that kind of release, his goal against Khudobin was placed right past his ear (I've had numerous pro coaches growing up who would always emphasize how its impossible for a goalie to stop a shot whizzing past their ear, just like that), and the deception with his hand placement and overall release against Vancouver at #3… it's all very subtle but these tactics are what makes him great. He makes it all look effortless, but young players can learn from just noticing these minor details in terms of his release, shot accuracy and hand placement and working on these things themselves

  23. Love this video. Some of MacKinnon's wrist shots looks like Sakic's . Kinda wondering if he gave him a little one on one, or maybe even Crosby.
    Sometimes I wonder how many teams would love to have MacKinnon?

  24. It's so weird seeing the highlights from the bubble and then with fans from earlier this year. Amazing how we were still living a normal life in January-February when Covid was already here 🙁

  25. Mackinnon is so good, but that was a pretty lack lustre top 10. A couple of them we’re just dekes he didn’t even score on and the others were PP one timers. Draisital had about 15 of those same exact goals this year..

  26. The most complete all around player in the league. Some people may be SLIGHTLY better scorers, but no one is the whole package like MacKinnon is.

  27. When will it be best Aho goals

  28. my smile was vrry large when i saw this uploaded

  29. Hexes and Soldiers

    Amen Mackinnon!

  30. Your Majesty

  31. Best player at the moment of NHL.

  32. My opinion is this: MacKinnon is definitely better playmaker than McDavid. Its hard question which is best player in the world but you are so dumb if you say Crosby is better than McDavid or MacKinnon

  33. Parros (Worst Player)

  34. Was a joy to watch during the playoffs, lifelong Avs fan very happy with our prospects!

  35. amazed by this kid. if he grows his defensive game to become a selke worthy player he could have the most complete game in the league. imagine if he became even more of a two-way guy. that’d be nuts

  36. Rabid NHL Teams!

  37. He's so good that on #10 he didn't even score lol

  38. Bingo!

  39. So your saying all his good highlights were in the playoffs

  40. As a Lightning fan, I gotta say.. I think Mac is the best player in the whole NHL. He's so fun to watch!

  41. So he played his best away from Colorado?

  42. Not 1 flyer player yet…ha ? what a joke the NHL is.

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