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Top 10 Lucruri Amuzante (Dar Tragice) Despre Coreea de Nord

North Korea is one of the most mysterious and brutal countries in the world. Those who survive the escape attempts tell frightening stories about what it is like to live in this nation ruled by dictatorship. First of all, they don’t even have access to the same Internet as us. If you want to find out 10 funny but tragic things about North Korea, keep watching until the end! ► Subscribe if you like what we do: ► You can also follow us on instagram: ► Music is licensed from Bensound or Envato Elements ► For any questions / problems / copyright issues: 📧 realtop10romania@gmail.com ► If for some weird reason you prefer to watch our videos in english, don’t hesitate to check out our english channel below: Chapters: 0:00 – Introduction 0:25 – It’s the only Necocracy in the world 1:14 – Kim Jong-il is a extraordinary movie 3:04 – They found a lair of Unicorns 4:03 – They have Non Korean Statues 4:59 – They have a unique calendar 5:26 – All citizens have the same hairstyle as Kim Jong-Un 5:53 – Propaganda City 6: 49 – It’s the size of Pennsylvania 7:27 – Animations made in North Korea are everywhere 8:41 – Kim Jong-II has 32 Villas 9:23 – End.


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  1. Când o să faci un video despre Finlanda?

  2. Necrofagie ar însemna conducerea de către morți și nu vrăjitorie.

  3. Tare video:))

  4. Funny fact:Coreea de Nord nu se considera tara comunista, a eliminat ideeile "marxiste si leniste", iar coreea de nord se considera a di jude sau ceva de genu

  5. KripeRing KripeRing

    5:20 am aflat de ce sa scufundat titanicul


    Videoclip:cuvinte care nu ar trebuii sa scri la google (nustiu dacă vei gasi)

  7. Ba tu ce-ai baut ? Meriti 100k abonati si in plus felicitari

  8. Foarte interesant clipul 👍👍
    Hai cu 9k abonați

  9. De ce oare exista Coreea de Nord?

  10. Cosmin Prisecariu


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    RESPECT 👏!!!

  13. Hai cu 9k de abonați respect

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