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Top 10 Highest Vertical Jumps In NBA History

Listed below are the ALL TIME high 10 highest recorded vertical jumps within the NBA historical past.

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To be nice at basketball, you need to love the sport and be actually expert. Nonetheless, it additionally helps for those who can leap out of the fitness center. All through NBA historical past, there have been many guys athletically in a position to do issues which might be past perception for unusual people. On this video, we’ll go over the gamers with the very best vertical jumps of all time, for these gamers who’ve official measurements.

Prime 10 Highest Vertical Jumps In NBA Historical past


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  1. To all the comments saying Wilt Chamberlain had a 48 inch vertical. This was never actually recorded or proven. Wilt said in an interview that in his prime his vertical jump was at least 46-48 inches. Because it's only speculation we chose to leave him off of this list.

  2. vince carter and gerald green?

  3. Aaron still should’ve won

  4. This channel is so underrated. How do you not have a million subs?!

  5. Aaron Gordon got robbed twice
    On by Shaq, the other by D-Wade.

  6. White is so inspirational

  7. And wilt Chamberlain has a 48 max vert

  8. Michael Jordan has a 46 max vertical

  9. Mj has 46inch vertical not 48

  10. Man you forget about DJ Stephens!!!! 46 inches vertical recorded!!!!

  11. So you’re telling me spud webb only jumps 1 inch higher than zion?

  12. Dsj hasn’t a 50?

  13. Michael Jordan does not have a "48" inch vertical he has a 51 vertical inch get ur facts straight

  14. There a man wit a 50 in vert that was in th nba I can’t remember though

  15. Wait wait wait your telling me flight has a 46 inch vert???? Oh man he's gonna dunk on everyone on June…

  16. What about Thompson, Brown, Cummings, Walker, Rainman, Worthy, Gervin, Erving, Wilkins, and Drexler?

  17. i know james white from the dunk league from whistle

  18. Bro stop flaming only Wade, 3 dudes gave him 9's. But yeah, your joke was funny.

  19. This video is waaaay inaccurate.

  20. I was reading something that when they measured David Thompson’s vertical, that the 44 inch was just a standing leap, they didn’t get his max running vert. Idk it was just something I saw?‍♂️

  21. I thought Dennis Smith Jr. got higher vert than Mj

  22. Christiano Ronaldo will beat all these guys in vertical

  23. Wait I thought Jordan dunk from half the court

  24. What is most interesting about MJ is that que doesn't seem to get up 48 inches altough he seems to float in the air for the eternity

  25. Mugsy Boges has a 54” vert

  26. Aaron Gordon gave tacko some nuts

  27. Jordan doesn’t have a 48 inch vertical. HE HAS NEVER GOT HIS HEAD OVER THE RIM, GIVE ME PROOF ?

  28. Nicknamed flight with 2.7 points per game so that’s where flight reacts got his name

  29. Crazy how half these players actually play today it’s almost like Jordan’s era is watered down ?

  30. DSJ should have been #1 on this list. Mj does not have a recorded 48 in. vertical, he measured at 46 inches when he was at UNC. Same with darrell. No 48 inch vertical. Im also not happy with the way you described DSJ. SMH. DISLIKE

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