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Top 10 Games That SCARED Call of Duty

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  1. Definitely not the best BF game ever made.

  2. I mean CoD completely knocked off Titan Fall, they had a freaking Goliath lol, it was a titan for the most part lol.

  3. Playstation should bring back MAG

  4. Titanfall 2 and even the first Titanfall were incredible I really hope in the future we get a 3rd one.

  5. Yeah no I don't think anyone scares Call of Duty when they are consistently the best selling game every year

  6. Danny Lifts Weights

    Fortnite did the most damage by taking attention off ww2 and Black Ops 4

  7. Fortnite?

  8. Anyone here who played cyris? 🚬

  9. Medal of honor 💪🏽

  10. No mention of fortnight? Shocked

  11. Activision typing…

  12. I just wish Respawn and Activision got along later on.. Imagine how sick it would be to have old Legends make a cod game like the old IW company branch

  13. Honestly I doubt I’m getting the next cod game I’m just not having that much fun with it. But you know I’m getting BF6

  14. I think Siege should've been on the list aswell, it's groundbreaking gameplay for the console market definitely made activision take notes, and it's been clear with modern warfare, it's slow gameplay at first reminds me of siege

  15. BC2 is great

  16. JustIce Sevenoneeight

    Idk Call of duty online was technically the first battleroyale

  17. JustIce Sevenoneeight

    BFBC2 was the best battlefield of all time…

  18. To be completely honest I thought TF2 might be on here, I mean, come on. It was made in 2007 and still has millions of players

  19. Reach and black ops were my first xbox 360 games! Well technically kinect adventures was but that came with the console

  20. is it just me or is every battlefield better than the subsequent cod game

  21. Man said battlefield 4 and showed BF3 gameplay lol

  22. Battlefield 4 is the best one to date cmon now lol

  23. WildcatAirsofter

    I'm kinda shocked that Homefront wasn't on this list

  24. How did Fortnite not make the list ?

  25. "that doesn't meeean-uh"


  27. CW scared Call of Duty.

  28. Bc2 is the best ever i hope they remaster it

  29. If EA and Activision work together the game well be call
    The game:battle of duty
    You say:

  30. During 2016 I wanted Infinite warfare to win and it did outselling both TF2 and Bf1 and I've had so much fun with IW with it's fun Zombies Awesome Campaign and pretty good Multiplayer

  31. I agree with you I think battlefield four and battlefield one did scare Call of duty

  32. Amusement_park_ fans_

    We all know fortnite should be at the top of this list

  33. Nobody boutta say anything about siege taking a big Chunk of the player base?

  34. cod WAS good -.-

  35. Killzone bros RISE UP!!!!!

  36. No Fornite when that took of the massively were worried by it

  37. i like battlefield more than cod

  38. I think halo is what put cod into the depression era and then titan fall just put the Neil in the coffin

  39. Honestly if BF1 was a slightly better game upon launch, and was closer to the traditional battlefield feel, it would have dethroned CoD. It was soooo close, it just needed to be a little less buggy, have a few UI changes, a few more guns and vehicles, and a few more (better) maps.

    Also, BF4 was hands DOWN the best Battlefield game of all time. BC2 was still really good though, and the campaign was definitely better.

  40. I love counter strike source more then csgo

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