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Top 10 Facts The Crown Season 4 Got Right & Wrong

You might be surprised by what “The Crown” Season 4 got right and wrong. Our countdown includes the balmoral test, Camilla invites Diana to lunch, the Queen faces an intruder, and more! Can YOU think of any details “The Crown” Season 4 got right or wrong? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Can YOU think of any details "The Crown" Season 4 got right or wrong? Let us know below!

  2. Charles is a total piece of crap. I fear the day when he becomes king. It will be the death of the monarchy.

  3. Jessica Smiler-Johnson

    The actress they chose for Diana is just insultingly awful… she's simpering and so infuriating.

  4. Also people seem to think that Diana was just a girl plucked from obscurity-she wasn't she was an aristo and her family and others like them look down on the royals as nouveau or arrivistes as in they are descended from german stock and do not go back to william the bastard (only by very convoluted means). I think Katherine is the real people princess because she genuinely was just a middle class girl-and every little thing has had to be learned-how to walk how to dress-how to keep your mouth shut.

  5. I cannot forgive them for the characters shite hair-it is just a wiry unpleasant wig when Dianas hair was iconic-and enviable

  6. Helena Bonham Carter & Emma Corrin are brilliant in their roles! I just loved them <3

  7. Huyenminhhien Vinhbacsinh

    This season was jucy and the acting was amazing.

  8. It makes me laugh how people say how sorry they feel for Margaret being forced to choose between being a royal and the man she loved. Well she was, but she chose being a royal and all the money. 🤷‍♀️

  9. Way the family treated Diana was awful. Seems believable though reading how they didn’t treat meagan good either. I don’t think Charles will be a favored king. Could be wrong.

  10. This show is extremely loose with the truth…especially this season

  11. There'll come a point in 30 years or so when there will be a drama or movie involving today's younger members of the royal family. It'll be interesting to see how they are all portrayed on screen. I think history will look back on Harry and Meghan more kindly than the British media do right now.

  12. Prince Charles is a real asshole isn't he? Marrying a teenager in love or I guess she was 20 by the time they got married but she was in love with her prince, who turned out to be a toad. I don't criticize her for having affairs of her own. it seems to be the norm in the Royal Family.

  13. Camilla invited her for lunch at "ménage à trois"? Wow what a joke… 🙁

  14. They make it fictional and realistic at the same time to not trigger Prince Charles

  15. The royal family don’t like the new episodes, because they don’t sugarcoat Charles’ behaviour.

  16. Camilla's great-great grandmother Alice Keppel was a mistress of King Edward VII, Prince Charles’s great-great grandfather. Adultery runs in their blood!!

  17. Charles is a sizeable piece of human garbage.

  18. This has made the monarchy sit up and take a long hard look at themselves so The Crown is to be commended. It's also gripping entertainment.

  19. Fact is that if Charles would have been less stupid he could have had a nice life with Diana and Camila for a while. He just needed to be gentle to Diana since she was perfectly doing her duty as an Princess. It sickens me that she's dead and that he got what he always wanted.

  20. Whatever love means……

  21. I knew Micheal fagans daughter many years ago, she said he never meant the queen any harm

  22. She was able to retained her title, princess of wales after the divorce – legally. Can we talk about how iconic was that?

  23. The Phantom of the Opera video was real!

  24. The voiceover of his great uncle gave me Lion King vibes

  25. You can not believe anything Penny Juno writes, she is a Charles & Camilla's Sycophantic Lier!

  26. thank you for making this, I just discover this

  27. All wrong! Diana is definitely much prettier and elegant than the actress. While Charles & Camilla are too ugly in real life.

  28. I was shocked to learn of the "premature deaths" of those 2 royal sisters. I never knew about that piece of English royal history. In the U.S. there was a period of time when lobotomies were used to "calm" those who were considered mentally ill. The late U.S. president John F. Kennedy had a sister who, unknown to the mother, was ordered by the father to be lobotomized. Sometimes history can read like horror story.

  29. Why the hell people so obsessed with royals and all

  30. The Cousins storyline.

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