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Top 10 Best Co-op Campaigns On PS4

The highest 10 greatest co-op campaigns on PlayStation 4! These are our suggestions for the perfect tales to play by way of with a pal (or buddies!) each on-line and in couch-co-op. We have gone for greater, extra bold blockbusters quite than pick-up and play social gathering video games – listed here are 10 of our high picks – tell us when you agree or which video games you suppose ought to make the listing within the feedback!

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  1. This video will never be complete without a lego game on it

  2. Resident Evil 5 & 6 are both great for co-op. They actually have real campaigns.

    7:28 There it is!!!!!MONSTER HUNTER!!!!!
    MONSTER HUNTER (Star Trek)
    MONSTER HUNTER (Borderlands)

    I think, I go play some MONSTER HUNTER now. (PS2, PSP, Wii, Wii U, DS, PS4)

  4. Resident evil 5 and 6, BO3 and a way out.

  5. I met my girlfriend thro monster hunter world. Planning to live together as soon as the borders open up

  6. Salt and sanctuary is a great couch co-op game and on ps4 the price dropped

  7. Diablo 3 is still one of my favorite games to play with buddies (along with Monster Hunter). Back when it was really active the multiplayer for Dragon Age Inquisition was pretty fun too.

  8. I still need to play borderlands… just cant find the time lol my backlog is longer than the amount of time I spent playing gwent in the Witcher 3

  9. No Final Fantasy 14… );

  10. Yay nath is a warhammer player! Just like Henry cavill.

  11. Not the time for a historical dispute, but no, Bell did not invent the telephone. Antonio Meucci did.

  12. Dont starve together is amazing with friends

  13. Just here to once again appreciate the mention of Divinity: Original Sin. Both 1&2 are such great games, and I can't recommend them enough.

  14. Remnant from the ashes is great co op game that seems to have gone under the radar.


  16. Instantly liked for the detergent discussion 😂

  17. Does anyone want to play borderlands3 together ?(on pc sorry 😅)

  18. Couch co-op more like non existent unless it's on the switch. 😭😥😢

  19. Ghost recon wildlands ride around shooting everything together Div 2 should be added pretty good!

  20. here as the 6oclock bbc 2 slot crew! god bless that slot – the simpsons, buffy and all the start treks!

  21. Id definitely watch an extended cut of your Diablo 3 conversations…

  22. ghost recon babe 🙂

  23. Glad to see Monster Hunter make the list, but no mention of "Don't Starve Together"?

  24. Warning to those wanting to check out borderlands 3. If you like playing alone this game is cool but if you play co op it is super laggy and gearbox isn't going to fix it any time soon.

  25. Liquid softener? As opposed to another kind… ?

  26. CAT QUEST 2!!! 🐱🐶⚔️

  27. Who cares? All i care about is triangles directly imported from Zbrush. the more triangles the better

  28. A Way Out was enjoyable but the ending pissed both me and my mate off lol. I won't spoil

  29. Dragon's Crown/ Pro? Hmmm mm?

  30. Couch Co-op next please

  31. Too many of these seemed like similar games.
    For me, my best coop experiences have been A Way Out, FIFA Pro Clubs, Farcry 5, Overcooked 2, Saints Row, GTA Online (heist missions) …..not coop but shareplaying Heavy Rain and Detroit Become Human is great too, making decisions together makes it feel like a coop game.

  32. Ok Dwarves and Elves is fine but "friends" how gullible do you think we are? Hold on Im just gonna text jesus and Santa they will get a laugh out of this one. Friends smdh.

  33. Didnt know wizard wqs a race now lol

  34. The "arguing over a video call" did look pretty intense this time though.

  35. I play mhw solo and it isn't that bad

  36. Snowrunner is a great co-op game too.

  37. Fuse was pretty fun too

  38. Borderlands 3? Laugh? Never.

  39. It's a crime that you put Diablo instead of Path Of Exile on this list.

  40. Bridge crew, серьёзно? Мог бы упомянуть Conan Exiles, это хотя бы настоящая игра…

  41. I loved playing though a way out was an amazing game honestly

  42. You can go through the game in expedition mode with friends for the first time in Nioh 2, I finished the game with my friends like that, they don't need to have finished the mission first to be able to play through the game together.

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