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The Top 10 Hottest Selling Back Issue Comic Books in the Market this Week // ft.GemMintCollectibles

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  1. Raphael 1 is crazy !

  2. Whooo, that news stand versions.

  3. Hulk #181, i believe it'll always be a contender

  4. Hero Trade dominating. Wait till my signed remark from Lapham gets graded.

  5. If I had to choose only one, it would be Hulk #181 every day!

  6. Always love these vids!

  7. Fans gobbling up… Or speculators? Hint… It's speculators.

  8. A Mark Jewelers t-shirt is much more appealing than a Mark Jewelers variant. Paying more for a comic book because it has an extra advertising insert from an obscure Jewelers is a waste of money. At least you get some practical use out of the t-shirt.

  9. I have Hulk#181 and #180 they both will be sent to be graded been in my collection for over 30 years!

  10. Gary B The Casual Comic Guy

    Fun show gents. Can't wait to see when movies are back next year what new characters will pop. ???

  11. Great show as always!

  12. IMO most will begin to dwindle off. Avengers will remain, Spiderman 300 as well.

  13. It will be funny to find out the truth, that it's only a couple of people who are driving up the ASM 300 book. Hahaha, great comedy as always.

  14. Not surprised to see ultimate fallout #4 on this list. Im positive it will make the list many more times in the future.

  15. Cool list definitely some surprises! I want a lot of these but need my hulk 181! ?

  16. The temptation is real to sell my ASM 300 now ?

  17. We will all find our own special ASN 300

  18. I have a Spiderman 300 and holy crap I also have a Hulk 181 at a 3.0.
    Had no idea it was going up so much. May sell while its hot. I love my Blue chip books. I have FF 48, 49, 50….GSX1, Spidey 129….always stick with the blue chip guys.

  19. ComicTom, you and Gem Mint work so well together. I’ve been listening to broadcasting for decades and I know a good team when I see it. You gentlemen are Top Notch!

  20. Can’t wait for my ComicTom Mystery Mail Call to come in this week! ?

  21. Can you get The Hero Trade graded

  22. Clark Kent Cookies

    Great episode!

  23. I have Incredible Hulk 182. Does that count.

  24. Love the video guys. I look forward to the top 10 hottest and trending vids, just like the good old days when I couldn’t wait for the new edition of Wizard to come out.

  25. be right back productions

    Give it to me baby! Uh huh uh huh

  26. So happy to see GI Joe on the list. I bought that issue when I was 10 and enjoyed the series. I didn't keep my comics in the best condition as a kid and when I finally sent that issue to CGC it came back as a 6.0. It doesn't matter though as I don't think I would ever sell it.

  27. Christopher Ibarra

    The FOMO is real with Hero Trade.

  28. I have 8:14 but my copy is like a 2.8 ?

  29. Maybe I’m just a weirdo, but I actively collect Direct versions (including recently snagging an ASM 300). I get that Newsstand issues are generally considered to be rarer and of better quality, but who wants to look at a boring ass bar code when you can snag a sweet logo (or even custom image like Erik Larsen did on Direct versions of his ASM run).

  30. It's true. Told you weeks ago. Miles Morales live movie coming.

  31. Glad to see the top two books aren't new books from the last few months.

  32. Great content as always. What a year it's been Peach Momoko, nostalgia and newstands. What can 2021 do to top all of this???

  33. Code Name: new2vero2

    Wow GIJOE #1 finally!! These millennials and younger comics have no idea the impact GIJOE had on all comics in 80s and Early 90s… only time a McFarlene issue didn’t make cut ( guess the issue )

  34. Why isnt the first Carnage rising?

  35. Yall straight killers

  36. shiidddd…back in 2008 I purchased Ralphael 2nd print for 75cents.

  37. I am tempted to get my copy of Batman Adventures 12 (Newsstand) graded. It won't be a 9.8, so we'll see.

  38. Nice list guys

  39. Good episode!

  40. Another great List Guys. Would love to add a few to my PC .

  41. Damn I guess I did pretty good buying my 181 cgc 6.5 for $2700 last month.

  42. ASM #300 is here to stay. I Guarantee you'll see ASM #252 and WEB OF SPIDEY #1 follow suit; all thanks to Donny Kates writing.

  43. another great list

  44. Man, I am kicking myself for selling my Hulk 181 7.5 about 5 years ago.

  45. This is the new market to launder money. The same thing happens in fine art and horse trading.

  46. Hulk 181 is always HOT

  47. I believe the first appearance of Kang the Conqueror has much to offer in the future.

  48. The mark juler variant is something no ones looking at and it’s going to be huge just like newsstands

  49. I like the vid

  50. I shouldn't have sold my copy of Raph a few years back :(:(

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