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Marco Parisi’s Top 10 Equator2 Sounds

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@Marco Parisi, LUMI, Seaboard, and Equator2. This is the video you’ve been waiting for.

Sit back, relax and enjoy Marco Parisi digging deep into, and demonstrating his top 10 Equator2 presets using both the Seaboard RISE, and new LUMI Keys Studio Edition. Magical.


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  1. I still can not get over how cheep the sounds are….sorry

  2. Please make an ambient album Marco

  3. damn broooo

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE! So glad I bought Equator 2 and a Lightpad block the other day!!! 🙂 Now I just need a couple Lumi Keys and a reliable bluetooth sustain solution and I'm good to go.

    These patches are truly impressive. Thanks for sharing these moments with us. Peace!

  5. Wow very impressive…

  6. This was so beautiful!

  7. I really like the Harmon mute sound and Additive Mantra. I think Marco is a great player… the other sounds I don't really get feeling for… I guess it's all subjective. I used the Equator 2 on a session at the weekend… had prepared some cello sounds and the like… in the end we replaced them with cellos from an old NI library that costs less than $50 atm and I've since found even better examples from 2011.

    The Equator just didn't quite have the presence but I think its still ok in it's own right…. The presets on the whole didn't do much for me but seems I'm in the minority as other people love them. I think the main strength of the Equator 2 will be in making your own sounds… the grain stuff sounds interesting as you can import your own samples. If Reason supported MPE I would be using Grain all the time with it..

  8. is there any decent piano sound in equator2 ?

  9. Let's get Roli and Marco some much needed exposure

  10. All of you push this out on your socials

  11. Can you map any of the degrees of control to a Korg joystick, I have a trinity V3 I use as a master keyboard and would be lost without mapping whawha to the -Y axis

  12. Too bad that the upgrade to V2 doesn't come for free…

  13. @marco what's your best advice for learning the seaboard? Beginner tips and exercises ?

  14. Why can't I buy a Roli Seaboard? No stock at all in 2020? I don't buy 'because of the pandemic' excuse!

  15. I was here

  16. Black Friday deals including up to 33% off Equator2???
    2 weeks ago it was 90 euro ($99) .. claiming 33% off and it is still 90 euro ($99) ..
    Nothing holiday deals about it .. a mediocre decision roLIE

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