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Biggest PC Games to Play in 2021 and Beyond

Plenty of PC games are lined up for 2021 and even include some Xbox and PlayStation console exclusives. Look forward to Humankind, Halo: Infinite, …


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i played fortnite in FIRST PERSON!

i played fortnite in FIRST PERSON!



  1. Fuck GameSpot.

  2. forza horizon 5 is due out 2021, they just haven't teased it yet

  3. Chanting- Stalker 2!! Stalker 2!! Stalker 2!! Stalker 2!! Stalker 2!!……..

  4. Shadow warrior 3 and vampire masquerade…looking forward to..

  5. No Dragon Age this year?

  6. bruh gus frank in far cry smh

  7. cant wait for bee movie 2

  8. can't wait for p5s

  9. Oh man can't wait for Far cry 6

  10. Support guys 🙁

  11. Please add Persian language to video games. We Iranians are not bad with the world, just give us a government, please.😭

  12. Kellie Plagge is intellectually defunct.

  13. whait, Persona 5, psychonauts 2, tokio ghostwire, are those really coming to pc? I thought this were ps5 exclusives

  14. Yakuza 3-5 remasters on January 28th and Yakuza 6 on March 25th

  15. Halo infinite no doubt

  16. zinou music gamer

    you forget lots of games

  17. Out of context trailer snipets with terrible generic music. Who has time to waste like this? 🙁

  18. I can't believe that Hollow Knight: Silksong is not on this list.

  19. Remakes and updates should not have been included, as they are not 2021 and beyond games.

  20. Scorn will be the game of the year

  21. Sort of scratching my head why we haven’t gotten any new news on FC6. I get it got pushed back but still. Nothing?

  22. Only legend know about the Thumbnail
    Gus Fring

  23. That list has some weird choices for biggest games to play

  24. Antônio Gabriel Zeni Landim

    The fact that not everyone is a PC gamer is confusing to me. Like… how? Why?

  25. Mobile Games Tester

    I am the only one hating remakes? We need fcking new games not remakes

  26. persona 5 strikers, POP SOT remake, kena BOS, ghostwire tokyo, hogwarts legacy, psychonauts 2, vampire the masquerade bloodlines 2, unknown 9.
    and the rest of me are all a skip. 8 games for 2021 are enough.

  27. Gotham Knights is all I need!!

  28. In my case, I am only interested in Guilty Gear Strive and Back 4 Blood

  29. Cutting together a bunch of game trailers does not a story (or journalism) make. Audio commentary on the games is sorely needed . Poor effort. Might as well phone it in.

  30. Don’t forget Beyond Good and Evil 2. I don’t know if a release date, but hopefully it’s in 2021!

    Ratchet and clank rift apart
    Project athia (coming to pc)
    Kena bridge of spirits (coming to pc)
    Horizon zero dawn forbidden west
    Immortals Fenyx Rising (multi plat)
    Price of Persia Remake (multi plat)
    Biomutant (multi plat)
    Mass Effect Remaster (multi plat)
    Halo Infinite
    Far Cry 6
    Shadow Warrior 3

    Special mentions:
    Unknown Awakening (don’t know enough)

  31. The beat is straight 🔥 Where can I find it?!

  32. How is there zero gameplay from Far Cry when it supposed to be released in a months time

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