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Best of November 2020 – Game Grumps Compilations

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  1. The Danganronpa erotic subtext though

  2. @27:05 It looks like she put her two fingers in her mouth as if she's trying to gag herself or something lol

  3. Man. Everyone's still so… alive.

  4. I'm still not over Dan calling Arin "sweetheart"

  5. I forgot how gay Mondo and Taka are OMC

  6. Why is the intro silent?
    Why is the intro silent?!

  7. Man… they are not funny anymore

  8. I miss Sakura 🙁

  9. There’s no way this was in November. Was it? I’m so confused

  10. DYK? Big Buddha and Slim Buddha are completely different unrelated people.

  11. RIP Sakura 2020-2021 🙁

  12. 03:52
    Imagine Makoto walks out of his room while saying that and Byakuya walks out of his room across the hall at the same time, hears what Makoto is sayng and just goes "…No, absolutely not" before closing his door again xD

  13. Without taka and mondo, who's gonna attend all the D club meetings now? 🙁

  14. Everyone in Danganronpa was still alive in November.

  15. Sayaka… Leon.. Taka.. I miss them all man..

  16. Obama: "Vegas Buddah? That's my favorite bit"

  17. Aww, remember when all our friends were still alive?

  18. 5:53
    I’m fucking dead

  19. 18:26, favotite part 😛 fffHUCK! lmfao

  20. 8:00 – It seems that this was unintentionally foreshadowed. ?

  21. Ding Dong Bing Bong Boy Rated R Starts Friday (I love this idea so much)

  22. After not hearing the intro I thought this was gonna be another "some coins!" Incident

  23. Dan and Arin should play corpse party

  24. Not only has thing series gone on longer then i thought but the monthly compilations have fallen behind

  25. Can you put 18:27 on grumpout? I would love to send that yo my DnD friends.

  26. Seeing clips from older Danganronpa episodes where everyone is alive… It hurts ;;
    Ishimaru starting the breakfast tradition that everyone still does even after he's killed……. Sakura talking about how she still has someone to beat in order to become the best….. She never got to do that!! It HURTS ?

  27. 29:33 Damn, well, I mean you're not wrong now

  28. Why does no one remember that Mario 35 is a complete, total, less creative ripoff of Mario Royale

  29. These Danganronpa clips hit different now….

  30. 12:09
    I was listening to this while doing something else, and when Arin said "Give me all your items…" I was legit wondering when that happened in Danganronpa, and if I missed an episode where Makoto got mugged by one of the other students.

  31. "… rated R, Starts Friday" somewhere Finn Wolfhard is laughing

  32. NoodleCake Studios made Altos Adventure and Altos Odyssey

  33. Oh shit. When Sakura said there was one person she had to beat she was talking about the mastermind

  34. wait until they (maybe) play the second game and realize one of ibuki’s constant voice lines is “peeking”

  35. What happened to the Best Of song in the intro??????

  36. why dont you guys call them "Grumpilations"

  37. Man Dangitgrandpa used to have so many characters

  38. AmphibiaandBFBMrBeast2021


  39. What happened to the intro??

  40. Lucas ClockworkLethe

    Could someone explain to Arin that Pastrami isn't italian at all?

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