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???? Top 10 Van Build Out Mistakes To Avoid When Converting Your Cargo Van or Minivan (Tips)

Top 10 Van Build Out Mistakes To Avoid When Converting Your Cargo Van or Minivan (and they reasons why you want to avoid making them). Get current …


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  1. https://amzn.to/2OT4kEr – Reflectix For Windows 24in x 10ft
    https://amzn.to/3pzPkYP – Reflectix For Windows 48in x 10ft

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  2. What's your opinion on keeping a small cheap microwave in your van? Some only use 700 watts, and you'd only need it for like 3 minutes at a time…

  3. Excellent advice as usual. Thank you very much. You are so funny too. ?
    I guess I would heed them all. Except I enjoy heating up tea or some soup in the mini van. So I make sure I have a very level and secure surface and crack a window too.
    Hopefully I will have something equivalent to your roadtrek someday.

  4. I bought some closed-cell foam from Home Depot that was intended to put under those new fake wood flooring planks. I intended to use it as a sound insulation for a converted cargo van. I bought three 6 foot by 9 feet rolls. So I eventually used them to insulate my pickup box. For the windows I attached/glued Reflectix to the foam. So in somer it reflects the sun back outside and in the winter the foam absorbs the the heat while the Reflectix keeps the heat inside.

  5. Once a bulk propane canister started leaking inside the cab of my pickup truck! The propane supplier over filled the tank during a cold winter. As the cab warmed the tank started to release the propane. I heard a strange hissing sound and turned off the radio, then panicked when I realized what was happening. I stopped and threw the tank into the ditch.

  6. Had to get a motel room in Arkansas after a car breakdown. Received a can of Raid with the room key. Was told to bring the luggage to the door before opening the room. I almost lost my mind getting a bucket full of ice from outside from those swarming bloodsuckers.

  7. im glad i found your channel when i get my van im gonna do a supper simple van and figure out what i need as i go

  8. OK, so I have a few points to make Kevin, and don't get me wrong i think you do a great job. Number 1 a minivan is usually a 7 passenger vehicle, so it is probably rated to have 1500 lbs of weight, but I don't know for sure, I have built out minivans for people that don't weigh over 300 pounds with the ability to sleep, cook and heat, second if you use a buddy heater in the van it is actually more dangerous than a secured propane stove with proper heat shielding, the buddy can tip over unless secured and even though it is supposed to shut-off it is still extremely hot which means that it could ignite a blanket, third, and I know this is something that you already addressed, but a propane bottle is not dangerous built into the van if you build it right, sealed and vented propane is liquid and wants to find a low point, plus propane tanks do have safety valves, and usually it is fittings ,or hoses that fail, not the tank and remember if you carry it outside of the vehicle it could be more vulnerable to a crash which could be much more dangerous if it is hit in the crash and the tank is punctured, inside its less likely to be damaged and easier to inspect for malfunctions outside under the chassis propane can be leaking and possibly could be ignited by the heat of the exhaust. Anyone who builds a van into a rv definitely should have a good master of all trades, not a jack, or a handyman, they will be money ahead, and I don't recommend anyone installing propane, unless they understand how it works and how to vent properly

  9. Really like this guy. As a somewhat "older" guy myself, there's no substitute for the wisdom that comes from age and experience. Would rather listen to him than most of these 20 something millennials out there glamorizing this lifestyle. Nothing personal young whippersnappers.

  10. Is blocking your rear window illegal in some states? I recall my father getting pulled over for having the rear deck filled with pillows. This was many years ago (70's) maybe it's changed.

  11. I love the Jenga comment. Lol

  12. 70 cent can of ravioli goes a long way when you can't cook…

  13. Hey Kevin… keeping it simple, safe and functional, three words to a successful jorney.

  14. Hey Kevin, how do you recommend van lifers on a budget stay warm with no propane tank? A down sleeping bag/fleece blankets?  
    I'd love a webasto someday but I cannot afford it. Cant lie the thing makes me very nervous but my Carbon monoxide meters show everything appears to be OK.

  15. Great tips! Sometimes I watch YT channels with minivans filled to the ceiling and sides with so much STUFF it looks cluttered, unorganized and messy. I like simple, clean lines and that's the way my minivan is going to look! Thanks for giving us lots to think about and plan for!

  16. haha ..I love Grape Nuts!

  17. I agree about the propane. I see too many with larger cylinders, that toss them anywhere. To be safe, if you are going to use a larger cylinder, it should be in its own container, that holds it in an upright position and has a vent through the floor. I cringe when I see someone have, even a 5 pound cylinder, tossed behind their seat, laying on its side.

  18. Those contemplating van life, particularly full timers need to date before marriage when it comes to it. Do a no-build van build to actually test it out for at least a few weekends and then maybe try out a few variations of your no-build to see how you like them before committing to something more permanent. Then, keep it simple, do your build in stages and even then you might be well served to try each stage for a night even in front of your house or in your driveway or camping at a nearly park or campground.
    YouTube is your friend when it comes to van life because it has thousands of videos about it.
    learn from the mistakes of others and glean from them ideas that you think would work well for you.
    Be realistic. Van life, just like non van life, has the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sometimes it will be great, sometimes it won't. I only hope you are doing it out of choice rather than necessity.

  19. I followed every 10 rules. The mistakes I made is I spent $200 on a portable toilet when all I needed was a $5 bucket. I spent $600 on a refrigerator when I don't cook or need anything cold. I spent $300 on a SUV tent that I don't use because of the weather. Save your money and do as the Budget Travel Guy says, keep it simple.

  20. Kansas,,,,,The land where birds just drop out of the sky, because they have no place to land.

  21. Chasing Country Roads

    I think weight is the main issue for many. From the loss in fuel efficiency to trying to go up a mountain pass. I don’t care how big your rig is. Our family are all campers and love to travel. We laugh about it sometimes. Way back during the migration to Oregon and California the pioneers learned this. That’s why there are pictures of furniture that was dumped along the trail.

  22. Great advise.

  23. Good list! Here's another: Blocking off access to the driver's seat from the back. If you have a situation and need to leave in a hurry, you don't want to have to get out of your vehicle in order to drive away.

  24. Lots of good info thank you Kevin. I have been debating on doing a hard floor in my Dodge Grand Caravan. I'm glad I watched this. I think I'll just use rugs that I can remove and just shake out daily.

  25. Hi. This seems similar to a previous video. Is this a re-upload? Anyhow, you've hit all of my reservations about van configuration. Overloading, indoor cooking, reduced visibility and clutter just makes me crazy.

  26. This was another good one ! I'm not new but still enjoy your approach to van life. It's how I've always looked at it. The simpler, the cheaper, the better !

  27. Northeastern AR has Riceland Rice, and that area is where most of the Rice is grown.
    That area is where my Father is from Corning,AR

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